Reseller Questions

To get reseller account please register on our web: https://mkworld.tv as a reseller. After register please contact us to activate your account. 

The way it works is, you buy a certain amount of credits, monthly subscriptions for a certain provider basically. The provider will also set up a portal from which you can then manage your credits, add your customer’s subscription. Reselling account, the perfect IPTV reselling solutions at all. Reseller system is based on Credits, so it’s not time-based and it will not expire. Register for a reseller account and then advertise your service to neighbors, family, users, Reselling account and start making money

Reseller system based on Credit.  
5 Credits= 1 Month 
10 Credits= 3 Months 
20 Credits= 6 Months 
30 Credits= 1 year 
you can keep credits unlimited time until when you sell all. 

I have more than 20 servers all over the world including Germany, Sweden, the US, Netherlands, UK. 

At MK World resellers will have special features and tools for ease of sale. 
Brand: Resellers can make their own DNS and sell under their private brand. This means your clients will receive lines based on your dedicated address. For example: 
Direct Source:  

MAG portal: http://yourdomain:6969/c 

Notice: You must change your domain with MK World, and tell them your domain. And I don’t create a website for you. 
About the logo, I do not have white label please use the logo as default it does not have my brand.

Yes, you can use our services on your application. 

We have more than 7000 channels and Over 5000 VOD as a reseller you have advantage you can sell, create Sub reseller. We update channel every day. 

You can create sub reseller and sell credit for your sub reseller with the higher price when you buy it from us. The price for credit you can decide it but you can change amount credit for subscription duration it is fixed with 5 credits for 1 month, 10 credits for 3 months, 20 credits for 6 months, 30 credits for a year and 60 credits for 2 years. 

It is very very easy.  We have the largest range of accepted payment options. You can pay for us by Skrill, PayPal, Bank transfer or credit card. Please pay for us with USD. 
Price for reseller  
– Trial 1 day 0.00 credit 
– 1 month{5 credits} 
– 3 months{10 credits} 
– 6 months {20 credits} 
– 12 months {30 credits} 
Minimum to become a reseller is 200 USD, credit does not expire at all you can keep credit until you sell all. 
Discount for credit  
Payment 200 USD = 225 credits 
Payment 500 USD = 650 credits (30% credit bonus) 
Payment 1000 USD = 1350 credits (35% credit bonus) 
Payment 2000 USD = 2800 credits (40% credit bonus) 
Payment 3000 USD = 4200 credits (45% credit bonus) 

After you make your payment you will see the status “Payment Success“ on my website. 

Normally credit will be added to your reseller account automatically and immediately. Please log in and check the amount of credit on your panel 
since the manual activation process is not automatic please send me an email with your username and payment confirmation ID, we need the screenshot of your payment too. 
We will check it on my system and add credit to you as soon as possible. 
Email: reseller@mkworld.tv 

Sure you can create your own reseller and make more money with “Add sub-reseller” function also it is free to create a new sub-reseller 

We do not have the package with multiple connections. If your client wants to use 3-5 devices, you must create a different line for him/her.

Yes if you decide to stop working with us your client line is still working fine until your client expired.